Beginner Level

1st level:- Interchange

4 Modules :   Integrated Courses
- Reading : The passages and questions formation.
- Listening : Audio lessons, conversation and lectures.
- Speaking : It is done through various activities (individual/group): Games, Puzzles, Role play and Questionnaire.
Writing : Grammar exercises: - Word puzzles, complete sentences, story writing (blanks), labelling, diagrams, matching etc.

Material : Classroom Book + Workbook + Audio CDs

Duration : 50 hours or 3 months (Regular course and Crash course)

The course navigates through grammar, vocabulary, phonetics and pronunciation.

Our method of teaching is such, where the students find easy to pick up English within ten classes and start speaking.
End of the course there is a test of 100 marks.

We have a personalized coaching looking at the strength and the weakness of every student in English. And thus, we can get the best out of them and achieve a higher score.