"I am Dr. Sachin Mevada, working as a pediatrician in Dholka. I came to know about Jeremy Education Centre when I scheduled OET classes online. I met Vandana Ma'am and Prakash Sir. Our journey started then. They both work like two-wheeler cycle. Both of them move together to makes students' ride smooth in English. Ma'am is very gentle, familiar to her students. She always teaches like an elder sister. Prakash sir has excellent knowledge of English language. He is very kind, and I love to learn with both of them again and again. The level of English of main has increased so much here, that I am confident in speaking English anywhere. I wish them both success in their career. I always recommend my friends to come here for English classes."
- Dr. Sachin Mevada

"To the wonderful team of JEC, Hi! I am Dr. Drutik Shah and I have studied for 2 months at JEC. I found this center very helpful in improving my English as it is the second language for me throughout my career except during my MBBS course. One of the best things about studying here has been the personal attention I have gained. I have done the OET coaching over here and I am very thankful to Vandana Ma'am and Prakash Sir for being a part of my life and successful journey ahead. Both of them are very loving and kind-hearted and that's why there is not only educational but also emotional bond with this institute. Hope, this institute will continue this journey and make future of many more students. Miss you a lot! "
- Dr. Krutik Shah

"I am Dr. Tabrez Noorani. I have Alhamdulillah cleared OET with the following marks Listening-460 Reading-450 Writing-390 Speaking-390 I had joined Jeremy Education for my preparations. It was very much worthy. Mrs. Vandana and Sir Prakash are well versed with the exam and are totally into it. Their teaching style and friendly nature make OET preparation a piece of cake. The materials provided by them and the lectures prove to be very helpful for our OET preparation. And best of all is their coaching where they teach one to one with a clearing of doubts which makes it very easy to grasp the topics. And one more important thing is they are always available on call despite their busy schedules to help us out if we are stuck at some point. Thank you, Jeremy, for such a wonderful experience in the OET preparation."
- OET with 460

"Arguably and undisputed, Jeremy Education Centre (JEC) is the BEST linguistic training institute under the erudite tutelage of Vandana Madam across the state of Gujarat. Years of in depth experience and expertise with phenomenal pedagogical techniques have helped JEC set forth exemplary paradigms in teaching, learning AND performing. "Thank you" will be a gross understatement to express my sense of reverence and gratitude towards JEC. "
- Arnim Agrawal.

"My experience at Jeremy Institution was enjoyable both Ma'am and Sir were very supportive and cared as well. The coaching I received over here was constructive as I was aware of what to expect for my main IELTS test. The techniques taught were like an elixir. The one on one teaching also was beneficial. The ambience of the institution is also very friendly but yet strict which a perfect blend is for students. Thank you very much; Ma'am and Sir, to brush up my English skills and making me feel confident enough to give IELTS. I got 7.0 bands."
- Aesha Patel

"Teachers are very supportive of students and have a different teaching technique which is very much helpful to all. We have enough and more material for study and that also arranged from simple to complex one so that students don't face any difficulty. We get one to one coaching which is quite helpful to us. At Jeremy Education, there is a familiar environment, where students help each other. During my two months journey of OET in Jeremy Vandana ma'am had encouraged me and at the same time motivated me. I feel very grateful for taking coaching from Jeremy Education Centre. "
- Aayushi Patel (Nurse) Australia

"I spent a delightful 15 days at Jeremy. Thanks to Prakash Sir and Vandana Ma'am for caring for me and my colleagues. I have improved English skills systematically. My experience at Jeremy Education was really incredible. Thanks to the whole team of JEC to help me grow and make me confident. I wish them every success in their career. I will always recommend my friends to come here for OET coaching. "
- Dr Alizayagam Hasan

"Jeremy Education has been a great help to me. Initially, I was a very naughty boy, but Vandana Ma’am made my father understand that every child must play. I am passionate about football. My father was concerned regarding my IELTS result. The faculties built up, and I gained confidence. My parents were so happy to see me growing well, not only academically but also behavior-wise. That was the best support provided by JEC. I love both of them, Sir and Ma’am. They don’t run after money but the life and career of the students on a large scale. I cleared my IELTS."

"I had joined JEC for IELTS preparation. Believe me the students of JEC is their Mecca. Vandana Mam and Prakash Sir have just the right method to evaluate you and then they tug at the right ropes 2 make you a winner! Moreover, you`ll feel at home away from a home at JEC wid Vandana Mam`s motherly love and nurture. I would like to quote this for the teachers : "A great teacher believes in you, tugs and pushes and leads you to the next peak, sometimes poking you with a sharp stick called "truth" and then suddenly..poof! disappears!!.. to let you enjoy the victory." By Vinit Thakker "
- Vinit Thakker

"I enrolled for a month, and the environment is quite friendly. Sir and Ma'am helped me throughout with my IELTS preparation. The institute gives personal attachment which anyone could get attached to. The availability of faculties and books at anytime was amazing. The Personality Development and personal counseling is great. Jeremy Education is the best place to get coaching to get the best result."
- Shushma Modi

"I studied at Jeremy Education Centre (JEC) for almost one year. I was here for TOEFL (Test of English as the foreign language), ACT (American College Testing), and SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test). The best thing about JEC is one-to-one coaching. Vandana ma'am is a supportive, polite, and kind-hearted person. Prakash sir teaches IELTS (International English Language Testing System), and He is also a motivational speaker. Every month there is a personality-development class, in which some challenging questions are asked to students, held by Prakash sir. Before joining JEC, my advice to students is to follow her instructions and strategy. Vandana ma'am will scold sometimes but that scolding will be worth. One can call her anytime if one feels depressed. Thank you so much Prakash sir and Vandana ma'am for teaching, loving, and supporting me. I will never forget the moments spent here. "
- Pragnil Sampat

"Hi, I am Jithin K Chacko. I came to JEC for OET preparation. I thought of studying the English language for the first time in life. I studied English in nursing degree time. I didn't have any grammar knowledge but, Sir and madam helped me. Initially, I faced problems in listening. Madam improved my listening ability. Madam and Sir are excellent motivational speakers I always like to hear them. Ma'am is more strict but still kind. She never gets angry unless she has to. Both of them do not care about earning money but care about students' lives and their future growth. They are like parents and teat the students like their family. To study at the center is a great experience. It provided comfort for work and study. The teaching will help me in future. I never forget JEC centre, especially the nature of Vandana ma'am (mother) of JEC. I am pleased for JEC to give me a good grade in OET in short time. I wish them all the best and the JEC centre."
- Jithin K Chacko-Nurse(Kerala)

"JEC is my second home, and Prakash Sir and Vandana ma'am are my academic parents. I can't put into words the experience that I have had here. The nature of both is impressive. I loved the way they teach. Sometimes you are going to get a scolding, but they are worth to get a higher result. Don't be dismay, but appreciate whatever they teach. I am going to miss the environment, friends and everything that I learnt here. I got VISA and heading to Canada."
- Sagar (Pakistan)

"I am writing to let you know how very pleased I am with the quality and purposeful teaching that I have been reviewed by Jeremy Education Centre. It has been an honor and a privilege for being a student, who is in his early stages of walking steadily to be with dedicated teachers who always enhance the future goal. Moreover, the ambiance here is always a pleasure that promotes the inner ecstasy to overcome the hurdles in the studies. The teachers here, I found who devotes a great amount of personal effort and interest in their teaching techniques that in much capable to retreat the essence of the learning ability of students that ultimately guides towards a positive outcome. I would like to thank you for your kind effort in making us the best. "
- Jobit Shibu (Nurse)

"Teaching was of an excellent quality by Vandana Mam especially the concepts required for GRE and also for English Grammar. The main thing I like about JEC is that a friendly natured Vandana Mam adjusts her schedule according to our time and she does it so efficiently with personal interest that we can complete our course in less than required time just like I did my GRE course in just one and half month. Thank you so much Mam for helping me to get through both GRE and TOEFL examination. "
- Dr. Komal Jadav

"Vandana madam is a very friendly teacher and I believe that this brings about a very positive aura in the classroom making you want to learn. The teaching methods used are very effective in helping one remember what was taught in class. These qualities are present in the online sessions too which all add up to making it a very enjoyable experience at JEC."
- Saurabh Tripathi

"The moment I decided to apply for my Masters, I started looking up for places, which could help me in the IELTS exam also my application process. I realized that I had made the right choice the moment. I have scored 7.5 on IELTS with 8.5 on Listening and 7.5 on Speaking. I started attending the classes; they were very patient and helped me guiding me through all the hiccups faced during the practice sessions. The other part I would like to emphasize was the sir and ma'am both helped me formulate the basic structure of my SOP. They managed to understand what I was looking for irrespective of the fact that they had no idea about my background. They were very responsive whenever I was stuck in my application process. They also helped me make my C.V and Resume. Jeremy Education is a place one must go to. I strongly recommend you to enroll here. P.S: They will make you feel at home, and before you know it, your application process would have been over. If you are someone wondering this application process dreadful, scary, and wondering whether you could be able to pull it off, then Jeremy Education is a place you must go to. I strongly recommend you to enroll here. P.S: They will make you feel at home, and before you know it, your application process would have been over."

"I found my experience at Jeremy classes quite rewarding. With their help, I could clear OET. What I loved the most about Jeremy was the flexibility for the private Skype classes. I could fit classes with my busy schedule without any problems. "
- Dr Sanil Shah

"JEC is a very good institute for its English courses. Vandana mam takes individual care of each student. She is an excellent teacher and guides the student through the course."
- Aash Gohil

"I took Online OET Coaching. I got a grade "B". Thank you Jeremy family for being patient with me and helping me throughout. "
- Dr Neha Jain (Rajasthan)

"I got a B grade in the first trial. Thanks to Ma'am and Sir for giving +ve feedback after each practice test and mock test. "
- Dr Savan

"I got a grade "B" in OET. Thank you Jeremy faculties for coaching and building our self-esteem. "
- Dr Kinnari Shah (Bharuch)

"I got grade “B” in OET. I could clear my OET exam on the first attempt with the help of Jeremy Education. When I joined, my Speaking and Writing were not up to the mark. However, Sir and Madam have helped me and provided me enough guidance to achieve the desired result. I am thankful to both of them for their motivation and support."
- Dr Dhrumil Doshi